Monday, June 29, 2009

lenka all the time

Sometimes i feel so scary when time goes too slow and see
him in and laugh together, feel his energy or just eyes to eyes...
all my bells are ringing louder than before..

Sometimes i feel so mad when i realize u are the only one who
i wanna right now..but it cannt be...

so CUPID please stop it..
coz it's a dangerous and sweet and i dont wanna start the

show any more..

i try to skip along but u always knock- knock and touch

anything i'm not..u make the trouble is friend..sometimes

bring me down but in other hand u do not let me down

everyday i live like u're dying..i am affraid someday love leaves me...and i can't do anything just crying..

but in my deeply inside i know that we will not grow old if being together

so......would he be my someday...

he was so prefect for me all the time.....